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It’s the end of a work day, you are heading home on your long and busy commute when you remember that you haven’t had any chocolate today. You walk into one of many stores in Amman that you find closest, walk towards the shelves carrying chocolate, when your eye spots TODAY. Your mind wanders for a while, is this a sign? Is this the chocolate you need to have today? You’re looking to indulge yourself in pure chocolate and flavors rich with your favorite nuts. You find today, giving you the perfect balance between rich flavors and smoothness of texture, you decide: THIS is today’s choice. To find out more on what today’s made of, click here

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Philadelphia Chocolate Manufacturing Company uses expert skill and scientific knowledge to produce the best chocolate products. Our products are made using only natural raw material from the most coveted international suppliers. Our customer’s satisfaction is how we measure our success, and our values stem from this concept. We invest in the continuous development of our staff and product and seek to obtain the best quality control measures in our facilities.